Board of Directors

Elected Board Members and Committee Chairs

Board member elections forms will be mailed the week of 4/1 with the final count available 4/24 for the April board meeting. Open positions are president, vice president, treasurer and secretary and the term is for May 2018-May 2020.

President – Sheree Mehring

Vice President – Tim Ronchak

Treasurer – Anthony Christie

Secretary – Dorothy Bialke

Midway Reps – TBD


Rochester/Med City Rep – Yan, Lixin 

Individual/Direct Rep – 

Committee Chairs

Competitions/Camps – Joe VonDrasek

Equipment – Rich Chlebecek

Facilities Procurement – Ulrich Fink

Development (Novice) – Katy Herman

Development (Learn to Skate/Try Speedskating) – Lisa Hambly

Development (Power Skating) – Lisa Hambly

Inline – Andy Uttke

Masters – Jeff Terwilliger

Membership/Communications – Sheree Mehring

Officials – Rich Vehe and Paul Stangl


GMSA Board Member Expenditure Request Form