Board of Directors

Elected Board Members and Committee Chairs

President – Susan Sandvig-Shobe

Vice President – Jim & Katy Herman

Treasurer – Lisa Hambly-Dahlin

Secretary – Andy Uttke

Committee Chairs

Competitions/Camps – Open

Equipment – Rich Chlebecek

Development (Learn to Speed Skate/Novice) – Katy Herman

Development (Try Speedskating/Adult Fitness & Recreation) – Melissa Dahlmann

Development (Power Skating) – Lisa Hambly-Dahlin

Inline – Andy Uttke

Masters – Jeff Terwilliger

Membership/Communications – Sheree Mehring

Officials – Rich Vehe and Paul Stangl

Club Representatives

Midway Speedskating – Nick Pearson

Twin Cities Speedskating – Susan Sandvig-Shobe


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