Love to skate fast? Then speed skating may be the sport for you. Boys and girls ages 6-14 are invited to join this introductory program and learn the fundamentals of speed skating in a fun environment with experienced speed skating coaches. Participants will be broken up based on their experience level and learn everything from the basics of speed skating to how to shave seconds off of their time.

Speed skates are available to rent for $50 for the fall/winter season and $40 for the spring session on a first-come first-serve basis, but are not required.

Participants should be able to skate independently before enrolling in this course. Students who are not able to skate independently are encouraged to participate in the Roseville Skate School prior enrolling in speed skating.

ICE – INDOORS — Roseville (Spring 2018)

Spring speed skating runs on Mondays from April 30 to June 4, 2018. Registration is now open.

ICE – OUTDOORS — Roseville (Fall 2018/Winter 2019)

Fall/Winter speedskating runs on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from mid-November through mid-February. Registration will open Fall 2018.

For more info, visit the Novice Speedskating Web Page.

ICE – INDOORS — GMSA Ice (Spring/Summer)

GMSA is currently working with local ice rinks to provide speed skating opportunities throughout the metro. More details to come soon!

ICE – OUTDOORS — GMSA Ice at the Roseville Oval (November-March 3)

GMSA purchases ice time for the season for speed skaters. All member clubs and GMSA members can use the ice that is purchased. To learn more about becoming a member, visit the member pages. Coaching is not included in the GMSA membership. Contact a local club or contact us to inquire about suggestions for training.


When group lessons are not convenient, personalized lessons are available.  Contact us for referrals.