2020 Nationals


Guidant John Rose Oval
2661 Civic Center Drive
Roseville, MN  55113

Feb. 22-23, 2020


Pack-style skating at the Long Track Age Group Nationals in Roseville

FEB. 24, 2020, 12 P.M. (ET)

The outdoor Guidant John Rose Oval glistened in the sunshine as skaters competed at the 2020 Long Track Age Group Nationals, Feb. 22-23. Nearly 80 competitors, from clubs all over the country, skated in divisions from Junior E to Masters 70+, hoping to win national championship titles.

It was a perfect weekend for Emily Bos (14) in her seventh year skating with the Midway Speedskating Club at the John Rose Oval. “I really like that the oval is outdoors,” she said. “It makes you strong since you’re skating against the wind and the elements. You have to learn to push through it.”

Puget Sound Speed Skating, represented by 13 racers, skated off with many top finishes, including the 2020 Long Track National Club of the Year. Marley Soldan (13), Junior D Ladies National Champion, said Coach Jae Hong Lee creates an environment that fosters top skaters. Olympian Aaron Tran, World Junior Inline Champion Corie Stoddard and Youth Olympic Games athlete Jenell Berhorst all trained in Puget Sound.

“[Coach Lee] makes us work hard but he also teaches us to be nice,” Marley said. “The people all treat each other with respect and encouragement.”

Piper Yde (15), from the Wisconsin Speed Skating Club, won overall Junior C Ladies and said she loves competing at the John Rose Oval. “I like skating outdoors because you never know what could happen. There are so many more tactics you have to skate, depending on the weather and the ice.”

Also, from Wisconsin Speed Skating, 12-year-old Miles Neuman competed in his first age group nationals this weekend and was looking forward to the 500m sprint. “It’s fun. I really like it,” he said. “I just like the wind in my face and to feel the breeze when I skate. It feels good.”

Olympian and World Championship medalist Dave Silk brought his son, Will (14), to the event from Montana where Dr. Silk manages the outdoor oval in Butte, as well as works as an ER doctor. He’s glad his son skates but says his own experience with speedskating wasn’t love at first sight.

“I didn’t like speedskating at first, but I learned to,” Dave said. “You’re always looking for that perfect stride, the perfect lap. I try to teach that to my skaters. The feeling of skating is why I love skating.”

Potomac Speedskating Club also had a contingent of tough skaters. Potomac skater Shawn Kim set a national record in the 1500m Junior B with a time of 2:14.697. Jia Griffiths from Midway Speedskating set a record in the Junior B Ladies 800m with 1:12.040.

Congrats to all the individual event winners and National Champions.

  • Team: Puget Sound Speedskating
  • Master Mixed: Andrew Im
  • Open Ladies: Jia Griffiths
  • Open Men: Kelin Dunfee
  • Junior B Men: Auggie Herman
  • Junior C Ladies: Piper Yde
  • Junior C Men: Carl Tatelli
  • Junior D Ladies: Marley Soldan
  • Junior D Men: Liam Kitchel
  • Junior E Ladies: Finnley D’Card
  • Junior E Men: Samuel Chamberlain

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